UniqPaid.com Website Review & Ratings + UniqPaid.com Coupons
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UniqPaid.com Website Review & Ratings + UniqPaid.com Coupons

UniqPaid.com: Products & Services

Uniqpaid.com is a website that pays members to click links, read emails, do tasks, buy stuff or promote advertising and merchant web pages. If you are just starting an online promotion for your product or business and want web traffic, then this is one of the few legitimate pay to click sites out there.  The pay real money for signing up for Free Offers and they offer hundreds of the best deals that can only exist on their network.  They also pay you each time you complete offers from their site. The company also pays you a 10% Cash Bonus for each offer completed during the first 2 days after registration is completed.

UniqPaid.com: Company Background

This traffic provider pay per click site has been around for eleven years and was founded on November 11 2001. Uniqpaid.com was established by Oleg Gradel who is the same person responsible for the founding of uniquerewards.com.  The company is currently located in Oberlin, Ohio United States. The company is an incentive scheme where the higher the percentage of accepted registrations the higher the profitability is.

UniqPaid.com: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Comments and reviews from different sites vary a lot. There are claims that the site could not be trusted and failed to pay its members such what was posted on Abestweb. Still quite a few sites did give Uniqpaid a good trust rating like Scamadviser.com and a full review including an analysis from PTC Investigations in which both labeled it as safe when conducting transactions. There is also a review from BlogSpot that verifies its legitimacy. No editorial commentaries could be found on the website itself.

UniqPaid.com: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The Better Business Bureau has no record of the company. However, despite the establishment of its credibility through its length of existence, there are no posted media reports or press releases on the web. There was however, an article in blogstash.com claiming its legitimacy and that it is not a scam. No associations, accreditations or awards could be found for this company. They also have not been mentioned in any major media outlets.

UniqPaid.com: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gave it a 162,289 rank and their Google page rank gives a 5 out of 10 being one among the many that is frequently visited by females. Digsitevalue.com calculated them as having 1,199 unique visits per day and Webstatsdomain stats showed a page rank of 2 and said it as safe to browse because it was deemed safe by Google safe browsing, AVG Antivirus and Site Advisor plus a 3/5 rating. Webutation results also say it’s safe.  It is also listed in the open directory site Dmoz.

UniqPaid.com: Social Media Presence

Now it’s surprising to know that Uniqpaid.com does not have any links or pages on social media websites. Although its affiliate site, Unique Rewards, has doesn't have a Facebook account. The site did not eveen have a blog site.

UniqPaid.com: Website Security & Safety

You will notice that https:// connection is not present when visiting Uniqpaid. That would obviously count for the lack of security within the site or any protection from known web security provider. On top of that it collects personal information when registering as a member or an advertiser which of course a thumb down for security conscious individuals. However it was deemed safe by Google Safe browsing where it is deemed as not suspicious, having no malware and has not functioned as an intermediary for the infection of other sties. All this was concluded within the last 90 days that Google visited.

UniqPaid.com: Pricing & Packages

Uniqpaid.com actually offers no minimum cash outs for online money transfer like PayPal or liberty reserve . For advertisers and merchants who want to gain traffic on their websites, they will have to pay a minimum of fifty dollars. If you were to compare services and prices for example with Cashcrate.com, Uniqpaid has lower cash out minimum and the service for advertisers is a plus. The site also offers an absolutely free full membership and absolutely free offers.

UniqPaid.com: Shipping Rates & Policies

This company does not provide shipping because of the type of operation it does. Shipping is not applicable as the company provides a service accessible through online mediums and no tangible items are being sold to customers. Shipping cost or fees are therefore exempted from all charges as the company is a website that pays members even if only a cent was earned for clicking links, reading emails, do tasks, buy stuff or promotes advertising and merchant web pages.

UniqPaid.com: Payment Methods Accepted

Advertisers are allowed to pay only through PayPal. There are no other alternatives like credit or debit bank cards besides visiting their office at Ohio. Members are paid via PayPal, Liberty Reserve or with check. Besides that, the site has no other accredited payout sites or institutions where a member can claim payments. No other alternative payment methods are mentioned at this time.

UniqPaid.com: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

A good thing about Uniqpaid’s services is that they offer a cash back guarantee. This can be applied to the advertisers only. It is stated that a refund is possible when Uniqpaid’s software do not sync with the advertisers webpage. As for members, in cases when termination or cancellation or membership occurs in any reason, outstanding balances and deemed forfeit and cannot be credited to the member. Members may cancel their membership at anytime by clicking on the "Terminate Account" button on the "Profile" section. If they do decide to cancel their membership, they can rejoin again at any time.

UniqPaid.com: Product images & screenshots
UniqPaid.com Coupons
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